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Ben Brown Show Notes

This week I speak with Ben Brown of Howdy.AI, a Slack chatbot digital assistant. 

Tom Guarriello, Ph.D.

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John Havens Autonomous Vehicle Podcast Show Notes: 

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Jenny Blake is an author, educator, consultant and former Googler who has written and spoken extensively about work and careers in the new economic world. She is deeply interested in how robots and AI will impact the work world. 

Jenny Blake Podcast Show Notes

Jenny Blake on The Internet:

Articles referenced:

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Steve Omohundro RoboPsych Podcast Show Notes

This episode include spoilers for AMC's Humans.


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Show Notes:

  1. Stephanie Tellex, Ph.D. - Homepage

  2. Giving robot trucks verbal commands - video

  3. DARPA Robotics Challenge

  4. Dean Kamen’s FIRST Program for kids

  5. Dr. Tellex training her cat - description and videos 

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  1. Complete survey and results.
  2. Pictures: Robot 1 and Robot 2
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Alain Kornhauser Show Notes

Dr. Alain Kornhauser is Professor of Operations Research & Financial Engineering at Princeton University. He is Director of the Transportation Program at Princeton and a long-time observer and expert in the field of self-driving cars. 

  1. Morgantown, W.Va. Personal Rapid Transit System
  2. National Traffic Highway Safety Administration Preliminary Statement of Policy Concerning Automated Vehicles - Includes descriptions of Level 0 through Level 4 automation
  3. La Rochelle, France - Automated vehicle demonstration project
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Kate Darling Show Notes

  1. “Who’s Johnny?” research paper, PDF on robots, framing and empathy
  2. Heider & Simmel 1944, a study of interpersonal perception and attribution of human characteristics to objects
  3. Peter Singer, The Most Good You Can Do, on living ethically
  4. Personal Data New York City Meetup, June 4 - In-Home Robots and Personal Data
  5. Lily Camera Drone
  6. Boston Dynamics “Spot” testing video and CNN story entitled, Is it cruel to kick a robot dog?
  7. The Hexbug Nano robot used in Kate Darling’s “Who’s Johnny?” research
  8. Aldebaran’s Pepper robot
  9. Jibo, a social robot
  10. Why Google’s Robot Personality Patent Is Not Good for Robotics, by Kate Darling
  11. Project VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) - at Harvard’s Berkman Center
  12. We Robot Conference - especially papers by Kate Darling, Peter Asaro and Jason Millar
  13. Moral Machines: Teaching Robots Right From Wrong - by Wendell Wallach
  14. Kate Darling’s Twitter Page


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An interview with author and speaker John C. Havens.

Show notes:

Robots, artificial intelligence, human-robot interaction, psychology

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  1. Julie Carpenter's Home Page
  2. The TALON Explosive Ordnance Disposal device
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Show Notes

This week, Tom interviews Kathleen Richardson, Ph.D., author of An Anthropology of AI and Robotics: Annihilation Anxiety and Machines.



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Show Notes:

  1. Here's Carla Diana's website
  2. Carla's bio
  3. Simon the robot
  4. Simon's cousin, Curi the robot
  5. Baxter, trainable robot
  6. Sawyer, Baxter's younger brother
  7. Kismet, Wikipedia page
  8. Dopey, from Snow White
  9. Leo The Maker Prince, at
  10. Leo objects on Thingiverse 
  11. Shapeways, 3D printing website
  12. Cooper Hewitt Museum Beautiful Users exhibition
  13. Neato Botvac website
  14. Talking, Walking Objects article by Carla in NYTimes
  15. Smart Design website
  16. University of Pennsylvania Course - Design of Contemporary Products: Smart Objects
  17. Radiolab episode - Talking to Machines
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Show Notes:

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Episode 2 Show Notes: 

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Every era makes new psychological demands on the people living in them. In our time, robots are about to present us with a new set of challenges. We've imagined living with man-made creatures since Plato's time but we've never been as close to having those fantasies come to life as we are today.

A major question facing us all: how will I use these new tools effectively and achieve objectives I never could have achieved without them?

Answer: each of us must learn and practice the cognitive, emotional and behavioral RoboPsych competencies that enable successful utilization of these amazing new technologies. 

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Episode 0 - Introduction

The RoboPsych Podcast is a new show dedicated to exploring the psychology of human-robot interaction. Subscribe on iTunes or your favorite podcatcher and stop by for more information. 

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