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Episode 83 - Jill Fain Lehman, Ph.D. on Developing Language Interactions

Show Notes

This week, Carla Diana and Tom Guarriello speak with Dr. Jill Fain Lehman about her work on language and machines at Carnegie-Mellon University and as a consultant at Disney.

  • Jill's LinkedIn Page
  • Jill's work with Disney
  • Using technology for language-based interactions with children
  • Creating interactions that are fun for kids
  • We need a "theory of fun"
  • Creating systems for children on autism spectrum
  • Scott McCloud's facial representation abstraction spectrum
  • Scott McCloud's excellent book, Understanding Comics
  • Interacting with Alexa, Jibo and other "intelligent agents"
  • Mathblasters and other early "edutainment" systems
  • The "behavioral uncanny valley" of stereotypical activities
  • What makes an interaction a "conversation"?
  • Dr. Paul Pangaro RoboPsych Podcast interview
  • Apple's 1987 "Knowledge Navigator" interactive agent video
  • Jill's thoughts about near-term developments in human-machine interaction
  • Teaser for Jill's next RoboPsych Podcast appearance!

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