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Ep. 65 - Robots and Deception with Dr. Julie Carpenter

Show Notes

This week, Carla and Tom talk with former RoboPsych Podcast co-host Dr. Julie Carpenter about how AI and robots can deceive people, and how designers can prevent deception.

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Ep. 64 - Designing Places For People Living With Robots

Show Notes

This week, Carla and Tom talk about the challenges of designing spaces for humans living and working with robots.

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Ep. 63 - Dr. Peter Asaro on Robots, Ethics, and the Campaign To Stop Killer Robots

Show Notes

This week, Carla Diana and Tom Guarriello speak with Dr. Peter Asaro, Associate Professor of Media Studies at the New School in New York City. Dr. Asaro’s research currently focuses on the social, cultural, political, legal and ethical dimension of robotics and artificial intelligence.

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Ep. 62 - Google Duplex

Show Notes

This week, Carla and Tom discuss the Google Duplex Assistant demo at Google I/O.

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Dr. Wendy Ju returns to the RoboPsych Podcast to discuss autonomous objects and their social ecosystems.

Show Notes

Ep. 61 - Dr. Wendy Ju on Autonomous Ecosystems

Dr. Wendy Ju returns to the RoboPsych Podcast to speak with Carla Diana and Tom about designing social objects and their ecosystems.

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Ep. 60 - John Sullins, Ph.D. On Robot Ethics

Show Notes

Today, Carla and Tom have a conversation about issues in robot ethics with Sonoma State University philosophy professor John P. Sullins, Ph.D.

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Ep. 59 - Teaching Kids To Play Nice With Robots

This week, Carla Diana (Twitter: @carladiana_) and Tom Guarriello (Twitter: @tomguarriello), talk about teaching children to play with robots non-aggressively.

Show Notes

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Ep. 58 - Cameras, Cameras Everywhere

This week, Carla Diana and I talk about the design and psychological implications of image capturing devices everywhere.

Show Notes

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Ep. 57 - Superhero Tales and Robotics with Barry Fitzgerald, Ph.D.

Show Notes:

Barry Fitzgerald has a Ph.D. in physics. He and Tom discuss the relevance of superhero stories for robotics from the Foundation For Responsible Robotics Workshop in Leiden, Netherlands. 


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Ep. 56: Reskilling To Collaborate With Robots

Show Notes

This week, Carla Diana and Tom Guarriello talk about the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and personal characteristics that will make humans superior collaborators with robots. This is what Tom calls, “RoboPsych.”

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