RoboPsych Podcast

Show Notes:

  1. Here's Carla Diana's website
  2. Carla's bio
  3. Simon the robot
  4. Simon's cousin, Curi the robot
  5. Baxter, trainable robot
  6. Sawyer, Baxter's younger brother
  7. Kismet, Wikipedia page
  8. Dopey, from Snow White
  9. Leo The Maker Prince, at
  10. Leo objects on Thingiverse 
  11. Shapeways, 3D printing website
  12. Cooper Hewitt Museum Beautiful Users exhibition
  13. Neato Botvac website
  14. Talking, Walking Objects article by Carla in NYTimes
  15. Smart Design website
  16. University of Pennsylvania Course - Design of Contemporary Products: Smart Objects
  17. Radiolab episode - Talking to Machines
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